Champagne Cru New Zealand

About us

Proud Supporters of Exquisite Grower Champagnes
Champagne Cru New Zealand grew from a visit to France in 2019 for a god-daughter’s birthday. A few Champagne House tours later… and in particular, the humbler Grower Champagne producers, the broad variety of flavours and tastes that exist within the champagne world was revealed. We knew we wanted to bring this experience to New Zealand. Grower (/Artisan) Champagne is made by the same people who have grown the grapes. They are usually family owned that has been passed down through the generations. They have usually grown grapes for the big Champagne Houses in the past, and at some point decided to make their own champagne. Supporting Grower Champagne preserves the unique styles and flavours of champagne that reflect the individual pockets of land the grapes grow on. The founder of Champagne Cru Netherlands (& god-daughter’s husband) has spent many weeks scouring the Champagne region to discover the very best undiscovered Grower Champagne producers. The happy result is now available here in New Zealand.

Roger Manceaux

[pronounced Wroh-jay Mon-sue]
Roger Manceaux is five generations in the industry and exists because Roger did well in his school exams - the story goes that Roger was offered a plot of land or a bicycle if he did well at school. With great insight, Roger Manceaux now owns a total of 12ha dotted across different Premier and Grand Cru Villages. The magic of Roger Manceaux is the ability to produce many different styles and flavours from the different grapes and terroirs.

Charles Hubert

[pronounced Sharl Who-bear]
Charles Hubert is a third generation champagne grower and producer in the prestigious Grand Cru village of Ambonnay. Charles Hubert combines exceptional terroir with formal training and traditional family know-how to produce exceptional champagnes. Rubbing shoulders with giants their 8ha vineyard is just one minute away from a $5,600 per bottle plot!


[pronounced Voo-vay-suh]
Vauversin is a staggering fifteen generations of growing grapes and making their own wine. With Chardonnay embedded in their genes the family has grown Chardonnay exclusively since 1640, and up until 1928 cultivated their own vines. Their boutique 3ha vineyard is in the spectacular Grand Cru village of Oger. First in Oger to be certified Organic, they work hard all year round practicing biodiversity and doing everything by hand. Vauversin’s total production is just 18,000 bottles per year, with some rare labels limited to just 1000 bottles per annum.